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Friday, February 10, 2012

One More Birth!

Ok, so there have been a few changes lately!  I'll spare you all the details and just tell you that our time in Texas was cut short and we're back in Utah!  While I'm not incredibly excited about being back, it is very good for my doula certification.  Not only are there more opportunities here, but I have family very close by that can watch my girls and will make it easier to attend births!  So now I get to focus on finishing my certification.  I have mostly everything done, now it's just paperwork, a little bit of reading and ONE MORE BIRTH!  Just one!  But I have to do it before the end of May.  I have one set for the beginning of May, but I need a cushion just in case I don't get there in time or something.

So if anyone knows of someone who is due between now and May, preferably someone who desires a natural birth, pass my name along!!!  Well, they have to be in Salt Lake or Utah County, of course...

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